Who is this site for?

This site is for curious, intelligent female entrepreneurs and women aspiring to own their own business. I am passionate about the application of psychology, neuroscience and management to small businesses. Many of you won’t have time to read books on psychology and neuroscience or to study for a Masters level business qualification such as an MBA, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to to know about the latest research and apply it to your own business. Neuroscience and psychology can be difficult to get your head round (no pun intended) and management principles can be difficult to translate from book to business. I try to make these subjects easier to digest without watering down the content.


The way you think about your business determines the actions you take and how effective they are. I use the latest principles from psychology and neuroscience to help you understand the mindset it takes to run a successful business and to understand the mindset of your customers.


What motivates you? Perhaps you have a business idea but don’t know how to motivate yourself to get started. Do you wonder what motivates the women that have created successful enterprises? Motivation is one of the key traits of the successful entrepreneur but how do you keep yourself motivated  day in day out? Did you know for instance that intrinsic motivation (that which comes from within) is more important than extrinsic motivation (for example,  rewards and awards)?


Are you running your business or is your business running rings around you? Do you think that people that run their own business just have an innate talent for it?

There is not such thing as an innate talent for business or management. Management is something you can learn and get better at over time. Successful  female entrepreneurs know that running a business is all about management. Managing your time, your finances, your marketing strategy, your work-life balance and your stress levels too!

In my business I apply everything I have learned from the business world, combined with the knowledge I gain every day as I continue to explore the role of the brain and the mind in success and achievement. I firmly believe that you don’t need to be a doctor, an astronaut or an MBA to run your business the brainy girl way but you do need mindset, motivation and management.



I worked for 18 years in a variety of roles ranging from academic research through to owning my own consultancy business. I’ve owned a franchise and worked in an Executive position for seven years for the FTSE 100 company BAE Systems. I’ve seen businesses run every which way you can imagine, some more successfully than others. My experience in the Corporate world, working as a management consultant and as a small business owner is complimented by qualifications that include a 1st Class degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Business Management. Find out more about me here.