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Are you a Brainy Girl?

This site is for high-flying women that have ditched their employee status as a corporate high-flyer, academic, doctor, lawyer, etc. to build their own dream. It’s for Brainy Girls in business and aspiring female entrepreneurs. It’s for women  who want the freedom and control you only get when you take the reins yourself.



The way you think about your business determines the actions you take and how effective they are. I use the latest principles from psychology and neuroscience to help you understand the mindset it takes to run a successful business and to understand the mindset of your clients and customers.


Do you struggle with marketing? Marketing isn’t sales. Marketing isn’t advertising. Marketing isn’t social media. Marketing is the strategy you put in place so that you sell the right product or service to the right people in the right place at the right time and the right price. Our Brainy Girl MBA teaches you everything you need to know about the foundations of marketing.


Are you running your business or is your business running rings around you? Do you think that people that run their own business have special qualities that you don’t? They don’t – but successful  female entrepreneurs know that running a business is all about management. Managing your time, your finances, your marketing strategy, your work-life balance and your stress levels too!






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