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Lynsey Whitehouse, CEO & Founder of Brainy Girl's Guide to Business & the Brainy Girl MBA

More women than ever are starting their own business. You're looking for more flexibility, job satisfaction and want to make a difference to others.  But without the foundations in place this dream can be difficult to achieve. Why do 80% of small businesses still fail? I believe that just like a house, your business needs strong foundations in place or the cracks will soon begin to show.

And so I created the Brainy Girl MBA, a 6 week online program for aspiring women entrepreneurs. Owning your own business CAN give you the flexibility and income you dreamed of if you build it on firm foundations. Enrol tody and create the solid foundations for YOUR successful business now.





  • No more procrastinating. Set business goals and immediately start taking action.


  • Get to grips with marketing - not just the latest marketing ‘fad’.
  • 95 % of your success in business is down to your mindset. Master your mindset using proven psychological tools and techniques to boost self-belief and overcome limiting beliefs around your business.
  • Set your business up for growth and increased profits whilst simultaneously freeing up your time.

What's Inside

Brilliant Business Review

In the introductory week of the Brainy Girl MBA you'll start by reviewing your business. You'll look at where you are now, what's going well, what isn't and where you want to go.

Knowing where you are starting from is the first of several crucial steps that many business owners neglect. Think about it, if an aeroplane is flying to New York, the pilot doesn't just need the coordinates for the destinatioon. She also needs to know where she is right now. If she thinks she's in London and sets a course for 3,500 miles west for New York, when actually she's in Mexico, she's not going to end up in New York. So you'll spend the first week of the course understanding where you are right now. If you don't, it doesn't matter how much work you put in elsewhere, you won't achieve your business goals.

At the end of this module you'll be quite clear on where your business is now, where you want it to be and the gap between the two.

Brilliant Business Planning

From Week 1 you'll have an idea of 'where you want to be' but in the second week of the Brainy Girl MBA you'll work on setting your business goals for the next 12 months. You'll also set a goal for the end of the course and create a Project Plan to help you achieve it. You'll learn what makes a good goal and how to break it down into manageable steps. You'll think about your vision, your values and your Big Why and learn techniques for keeping you motivated and for staying committed to your business goals.

In week 2 you'll also begin learning some tips and tricks for increasing productivity without burning out. Remember you are the most valuable asset in your business. Businesses run the Brainy Girl way are definitely burnout free zones.

By the end of Week 2 you'll have set clear, achievable, actionable goals that you can begin working on right away.



Week 2: Module 1

Brilliant Business Mind

Week 3 of the Brainy Girl MBA looks at the psychology of running a business (something no formal MBA covers)! Having the right mindset really does make all the difference. In this module you'll learn tools and techniques for boosting your self-belief and banishing self-doubt. You'll learn about limiting beliefs and how to overcome them. You'll learn about procrastination and perfectionism, why they so often go hand in hand and what to do about them. You'll come to understand why it's so important to take risks and learn how to move outside your comfort zone.

And the end of this module you'll have the confidence to begin building a successful business.

Marketing Mastery

If you think marketing is running Facebook Ads, posting flyers through people's doors or taking out ads in the local paper, making cold calls or trying to sell your services at your local networking event think again. These are simply mechanisms for implementing your marketing strategy. But your marketing strategy is so much more. So we're taking it right back to basics.

In this module you'll learn all about  the 'marketing mix' and why it's so important, something most online courses don't even mention. You'll also learn how to adopt a more modern customer focused perspective to your marketing. This change in perspective alone can transform your marketing, which in turn will transform your business.

You'll also learn about market differentitation, USPs, ideal clients and other elements of the marketing strategy. And you'll learn how to conduct good market research.

At the end of this module you'll have a Marketing Strategy and 12 Month Marketing Plan for your business, one that you can begin working with straight away.

Brilliant Business Structures

In this final module you'll learn how to create the right structure for your business so that it continues to grow going forward. You'll learn why the 'exchanging time for money' business model is fundamentally flawed and see examples of business models and structures that will enable you to grow your business to the next level.

At the end of this module you will be thinking about the structure you want for your business going forward and will understand why that structure is necessary to grow your business, generate increasing revenue and profits and reduce the amount of time you work in your business.

Ultimate Business Plan & Graduation

In the final week you'll bring everything together to create a coherent strategy for your business. You'll create your Ultimate Business Plan - your personalised business plan for you and your business going forward. A plan that clearly identifies your business goals & how you are going to achieve them, your marketing strategy, the systems and structures you are going to put in place to maximise productivity and grow your business and the mindset tools and techniques you are going to employ to believe in yourself and your business.

Because you set goals right at the start you'll already be able to see results from the action you've taken, giving you the confidence to move forward.

In short, you'll have everything you need to build a brilliant business the Brainy Girl way.

Alice, Artist

Before I enrolled I had reservations about the cost and I knew I was going away so wouldn’t be able to complete it in the 6 weeks. After enrolling I forgot all about the cost. Great information that has really helped me define what I need to change and work out which parts to focus on first. The thing I liked best was the intelligent approach driven by a proper background and it was hugely beneficial being able to connect with others.

Alice, Artist

What's Included

  • All your course materials including training videos and fillable worksheets and workbooks. Course material is yours to download and keep.
  • Membership of the Secret Brainy Girl MBA Facebook Group where students on the course can chat, ask questions and support each other during the course.
  • Q&A Call recordings.
  • BONUS MATERIALS to skyrocket your business to the next level.

Access any time from any device via our dedicated student portal. All course materials are downloadable for you to keep. Workbooks are fillable PDFs so there's no need to print them off unless you prefer to. You also get extra support from the community and Chief Brainy Girl via the Facebook group. Get immediate access:

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The course runs for 6 weeks but as a self-study student you will have instant access to all of the course materials so you can take the course in your own time.


Created by Lynsey Whitehouse former aerospace engineer, management consultant and FTSE 100 Executive. Known as the 'Business Engineer' Lynsey has owned several businesses including a management consultancy, B2B franchise and of course Brainy Girl's Guide to Business. She has worked to develop business solutions for clients and employers ranging from top 20 Fortune 500 companies to soloporeneurs looking to build a profitable, sucessful small business.

Lynsey is officially a Brainy Girl with First Class Honours degrees in both Aerospace Engineering and Psychology and Masters degree in Business Management.

Before enrolling on the Brainy Girl MBA I wasn’t sure what to expect. The feature I liked best was the marketing section – it gave me lots of new information on marketing. I liked how flexible it was. Other benefits were that it forced me to focus on planning and gave structure to my ideas. I’d recommend the Brainy Girl MBA to others!

Dr Kate Price Executive Coach

Course Overview

At the end of the 6 Week Business School as a Graduate of the Brainy Girl MBA you will have mastered marketing, set and achieved business goals and be working towards longer term goals that you have set, created a structure to enable your business to grow and most importantly of all for all women in business you will have the confidence that you can do this! Procrastination, overwhelm, limiting beliefs, fear - you'll tackle the lot.

Week 1 Introduction

An introduction to the course and review of the current status of your business.

Week 2: Module 1 Brilliant Business Planning

Setting your business goals and forming powerful action plans.

Week 3: Module 2 Brilliant Business Mind

To be brilliant in business you need a brilliant business mind.

Week 4: Module 3 Marketing Mastery

Teaching you real, effective marketing strategies that are more than just a passing 'fad'.

Week 5: Module 4 Brilliant Business Structures

The only way to grow your business is to put in place systems and structures that work.

Week 6 Consolidation & Graduation

Consolidate everything you have learned and create your Ultimate Business Plan.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of the exclusive Brainy Girl MBA:

  • Instant access to all your course materials including training videos and fillable worksheets and workbooks. Course material is yours to download and keep.
  • Membership of the Brainy Girl MBA private community on Facebook where students on the course can chat, ask questions and support each other.
  • Q&A Call recordings.
  • Bonus material to skyrocket your business to the next level.



Your List Building E-Book. everyone knows that you can't run a successful business thes days without 'a list'. In this short E-Book you get an overview of everything you need to know to get started building your list.


Resources Sheet (A list of all the resources Lynsey uses for the smooth running of her business).


Course Module Crib Sheets. We know you don't have time to go back and watch the videos. Our handy crib sheets make applying what you learned so much easier.


In the Q&A recordingfor Module 2 Lynsey is joined by Dr Robyn McKay, former Professor of Psychology and expert on the effect emotions have on your success in business. Robyn is now a multiple 6-figure entrepreneur and mentor for women in business and high-achieving women leaders.


Submit your Ultimate Business Plan within 8 weeks of enrolling and Lynsey or a member of her team will personally review it and email you feedback.


33% off Lynsey's mentoring programs if taken up within 3 months of enrolling. For most of Lynsey's programs this discount more than covers the cost of the course. (Note that Lynsey's mentoring programs are subject to availability and some are available by application only).

Who should enrol on the Brainy Girl MBA?

If you're smart and talented and have your own business then the Brainy Girl MBA is for you.

It's also a great place to start if you're thinking of starting your own business and already have a business idea. (However, if you don't yet have a business idea this program isn't for you. There are plenty of other great programs out there that can help you come up with a business idea and we would suggest taking a program like that first.)

The Brainy Girl MBA recognises that women in business don't have much time to spare - that's why it's 6 weeks long and not 12 months. The program is designed for busy women that are smart and learn quickly. If you often get frustrated with other online courses and find yourself waiting for the next week's materials or give up because you get bored, this program is for you.

But like everything we do at Brainy Girl's Guide to Business, the Brainy Girl MBA is a burnout free zone. The program is designed to challenge you without overwhelming you. That's why there's no fluff and no padding. We've stripped the course right back to the 4 Foundations for Building a Brilliant Business. You'll learn what you need to learn and nothing more, nothing less.

Beata Rosinska-Raju, MBA

The course offered much more material in greater depth than I was expecting. The bite-sized fillable documents forced me to think things through. It covered every possible aspect of running a business. It was very clearly laid out and possible to scale, depending on the size of business and individual needs. One of the other benefits was the ability to ask questions and talk things through with the Chief Brainy Girl. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

Beata Rosinska-Raju, MBA Independent Business Consultant & Blogger at

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Q. Is this a real MBA?

No. The Brainy Girl MBA is a 6 week online business course designed specifically for women entrepreneurs.

Q. How does the Brainy Girl MBA compare with a 'real' MBA?

The Brainy Girl MBA is designed with your needs in mind. A 'real' MBA usually takes a year to complete full-time. The Brainy Girl MBA is just 6 weeks long because Brainy Girls are short of time. A 'real' MBA costs between £15,000 and £50,000. The Brainy Girl MBA is affordably priced.  'Real' MBAs are designed for students to move into corporate jobs at the end. The Brainy Girl MBA is designed for entrepreneurs. 'Real' MBAs are primarily designed by men for men in a male dominated corporate world. The Brainy Girl MBA is designed for busy entrepreneurial women. 50% of the marks for a 'real' MBA are usually awarded for the 'entrepreneurial' project. On the Brainy Girl MBA you work on a real business. Your business.

Q. How much time will I need to spend on the course?

The course is designed so that it doesn't take up too much of your time. You'll need to set aside a couple of hours a week to work through the training videos and take part in the Q&A sessions (or listen to the replay). However, this is a course where you don't just learn, you take action so the results you get will be a reflection of the time you invest. Remember, everything you do on the course will be working towards building and growing your business so any time you spend will be a valuable investment.

Q. On a 'real' MBA you are sometimes asigned a mentor. Will I be asigned a mentor?

If you enrol on the 'live' version of the course you will get support from Lynsey throughout the duration of the course via the Q&A calls and online Q&A sessions. We also encourage you to find a 'buddy' to keep you accountable and help you stay on track. Simply ask in the Facebook group. Everyone who enrols, whether on the 'live' version or self-study version will have access to the private Facebook Group where Lynsey will be available to answer any questions and provide support. If you would like mentoring from Lynsey, an option to sign up for Lynsey's mentoring mentoring programs is available to everyone who enrols on the Brainy Girl MBA at 33% discount, if taken up within 3 months of enrolment. There will be no obligation to sign up for mentoring. This is simply an optional extra that can be taken up if it is something you feel you will benefit from after taking the course. For most of Lynsey's mentoring programs the discount more than covers the cost of the Brainy Girl MBA.(Please note that places on Lynsey's mentoring programs are subject to availability and some programs are by application only).

Q. What happens if I miss a week? Will I be able to catch up?

If you're taking part in the live version we would encourage you to try and keep up with the course schedule however we recognise that life gets in the way sometimes and it's easy to fall  a little behind. That's why you'll be able to download all of the course materials to keep so if you fall behind you can catch up in your own time. We've also designed Week 6 as a consolidation week. It's a chance to catch up and consolidate your learning from the course, pulling everything together into your personalised Ultimate Business Plan. Although there are still activities in Week 6, the workload is lighter than the other weeks and if you've only fallen a little behind you should be able to catch up then.

Q. I don't really know anything about business. Is this course for me?

Yes absolutely. This course is designed to provide the 4 Foundations for Building a Brilliant Business.We've also compiled a list of resources but if there is anything else you need to know that you don't feel is covered we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.  Just ask in the Facebook group.

Q. I already have an MBA. Is this course for me?

If your MBA covered the psychology of running a business,  putting in place systems and structures for maximising productivity and growing your business, and setting goals and creating powerful action plans, this probably isn't for you. On the other hand, if like my Masters in Business Management, your MBA didn't cover those things then this course is for you! In fact we already have at least one Graduate from the course who already had an MBA prior to enrolling.

Q. Why is the course only £497?

The course is designed to be accessible to women serious about building a successful business. Most women simply don't have the money when they're starting out (or time) to enrol on a 'real' MBA at the cost of up to £50,000.

Q. What if I can't afford £497?

No matter what you read elsewhere all businesses require investment, even those with minimal overheads such as home-based businesses. If you complete all the exercises on the course including your Ultimate Business Plan and Marketing Strategy we believe you will quickly see a return on your investment. We can't guarantee you will - in the end it's up to you how much of the course you implement but the course is designed to equip you with the tools and the confidence to make good business decisions. We even teach you how to take risks in business. Any investment is a risk. We consider this to be an extremely low risk investment!

If you still don't believe you can afford to invest in this program we do offer 3 scholarships when we run the course 'live'. Keep checking back here for news of the next 'live' presentation of the course.  Obviously these scholarships are competitive so if you CAN afford to invest in the course we would strongly recommend you do so rather than holding out for a scholarship place.

Start Taking Immediate Action. Enrol Today, Only £497