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How well is your business working for you?

If you're constantly short of time, overwhelmed, suffering from procrastination & perfectionism and just not achieving what you want or need I've created the perfect antidote for high-achieving, smart women in business like you - my Brilliant Business Plan on a Page.

I created the Business Plan on a Page because when I started out in my latest business after a twenty year career in the aerospace and defence industry (yep, I'm a real life rocket scientist!) I found there was so much information out there and so many things you 'should' do when you're running a business that it's easy to get completely overwhelmed, be constantly distracted by 'bright, shiny things' and end up procrastinating and simply not achieving what you want in your business.

I figured if I could manage multi-million dollar complex aerospace programmes and my own management consultancy business, managing an online business ought to be a doddle right? So I took everything I know about 'rocket science' management principles that can be applied to small businesses and everything I know about business psychology (yep, as well as my Aerospace Engineering degree I have a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Business Management) into an easy to follow 7 step process for getting unstuck and getting things done in your business.

And that 7 step process is summarised on one simple but brilliant Business Plan on a Page.

Lynsey Whitehouse MSc Lynsey Whitehouse MSc
CEO & Founder of Brainy Girl's Guide to Business
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