Welcome! I'm Lynsey Whitehouse.

Whether you’re still dreaming about your business idea or run your own business already I’m here to help. My goal is to help you add more value to your business and therefore your life. So here’s the first question…..

What is the most valuable thing in your business?


A lot of business advice out there neglects to factor in you. Your mindset and motivation are critical to whether you can make a go of running your own business and enjoy the journey.

But  what is the right mindset?

Perhaps you don’t think you have the right brain for business. I’m here to tell you that’s not true.  If you believe that you don’t have a business brain you are stuck in a fixed mindset. The first thing I can do is help you change that mindset.

What about motivation?

Do you find it hard to get motivated or find that your motivation never lasts? I can help with that too.

And management?

Of course mindset and motivation aren’t enough on their own. You need to know how to manage your business too.

Strategies, systems and structures are all essential to running a successful business and for 18 year’s working as an engineer, management consultant, FTSE 100 Executive and business owner I’ve developed and implemented an awful lot of business systems, strategies and structures.

My goal is to help you manage your business but with the right mindset and enough motivation so that you can put those systems, structures and strategies tools into action.



Who am I and what do I know?



Aerospace engineer, academic, management consultant, franchise owner, independent consultant, FTSE 100 Executive, small business owner, psychologist…….

That’s me.

Am I a brainy girl?

Yes! And proud of it. I have three degrees.

Yes three.

First Class Honours and Distinctions too with a few awards thrown in to boot, from organisations such as The Royal Aeronautical Society, the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and Warwick Manufacturing Group based at Warwick University. I’m a Chartered Engineer with quite a few letters after my name – Lynsey Whitehouse MSc BEng BSc (Psych) CEng MIMechE. Phew!

Am I just an eternal student?

No, but I love learning and believe everyone should continue to learn and grow throughout their lives, by whatever means work for them. I did my first degree in Aerospace Engineering when I was 18. I started work in my first job as a Flight Test Engineer at 21. Think ‘The Big Bang Theory’ except I promise I’m not that geeky, or socially awkward. Cross that with the mission control scenes from Apollo 13 (in the geek world of aerospace engineers that’s called telemetry) and that was basically my first job.

I studied for both my MSc in Business Management and my Psychology degree part-time whilst working in research, consulting and executive management so I have 18 year’s experience in the business world.

I have a beautiful daughter so like many of you I am also a mum. Did somebody say work-life balance?

After completing my Masters degree I became fascinated with Marketing and immediately began applying it in my consultancy work. I was soon providing training in Strategic Marketing and Business Development to fellow consultants. I worked for three consultancies who all recruited me to develop their consultancy business in the aerospace sector, which I did. I then decided that since I was able to develop business in a new market for other people’s businesses I may as well set up my own consultancy and so aged just 30 I became a business owner for the first time.

A few years later I returned to the corporate world as an executive for BAE Systems, a position I held for 6 years.

It was around this time that I became fascinated with psychology and neuroscience and so in true Brainy Girl style I decided to study for my degree in Psychology with a particular interest in cognitive psychology and neuropsychology.

After completing my psychology degree and owning a franchise business for a short time I decided that I wanted complete control over my business and really wanted to combine my strengths and passions in a way that helps smart women in business.

And so Brainy Girl’s Guide to Business was born.


I am a woman phenomenally. I am a phenomenal woman, that’s me.

Dr. Maya Angelou